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How to hand yourself bigger muscles

Build bigger muscles by giving your hands a high priority. Though they are the essential link to barbells, dumbbells and machines, the hands are usually underappreciated. Without strong hands you’ll never be able to reach your full potential for muscle mass. That many bodybuilders have weak hands, and hands that are prone to injury, seriously […]

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25 top tips for how to build muscle mass

If your muscle mass is the same now as it was a few months ago, something is amiss — in the gym, out of the gym, or both. More of what didn’t work for you over the last few months isn’t going to work over the next few months. Changes are needed. Put the guidance in this article […]

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Five pivotal bodybuilding lessons

From 40 years experience, here are five of the key bodybuilding lessons I’ve learned: BODYBUILDING LESSON #1 For much of my youth, muscles were more important to me than everything else in my life. I craved to be a professional bodybuilder. School work, social activities, and sport were neglected because of my all-consuming quest to […]

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20 tips for terrific bodybuilding workouts

To improve your bodybuilding workouts, and your muscle-building progress, apply these 20 tips: BEFORE THE WORKOUT 1. Find a reliable training partner who has a similar recovery ability to yours, and a high level of motivation for serious training. 2. Train at a time of day that suits you, and try to avoid the gym’s […]

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